7 Chepala Katha In Telugu | Chandamama Kathalu in Telugu

Tale of Three Fishes
Once upon a time, there was a freshwater pond in a village.
Three fishes named Meenam, Mutyam and Murkham lived in that pond.
Those three fishes lived in that water and were playing happily.
But all three of them were characteristically very different.
Meenam was very wise and thought long. It used to act carefully according to decisions taken after its estimation.
Mutyam was different from that.
When it come across any problem, it would act according to the situation and find a solution to avoid danger.
The third fish Murkham used to be very lazy and lived without bothering about anything.
Later, summer came and due to the hot temperature, the pond became quite shallow because of the loss of water.
Meenam had predicted the forthcoming disastrous situation and went to its two friends.
Dear friends! This time the temperature is very high.
If it continues likewise, there is a chance that the entire pond will get dry in a few days.
So we shall leave this pond immediately and move to another big one.
Not only that, if the water level drops in the pond fishermen would cast their nets and catch us.
They will catch us very easily.
Mutyam and Murkham did not listen to Meenam and also mocked at Meenam.
Then Meenam was unable to convince them and went to another big lake.
Everything happened as Meenam thought.
Within two days, the pond became quite shallow due to the high temperature.
When the water reached the knee level, fishermen came to the pond to cast their nets.
Mutyam and Murkham were caught in it.
Mutyam predicted the danger and used its brain.
Immediately, it thought a way out.
The fish laid still pretending to be dead in the net.
Fishermen who took the fishes out of the net looking at Mutyam who pretended to be dead and said…
Why should I take this dead fish?
Thinking so, the fisherman threw it out into the water.
Mutyam left happily swimming in the lake.
Murkham was still in the net as it does not know what to do.
That fisherman took it home and asked his wife to cook it.
Likewise, Murkham suddenly lost its life unnecessarily.
So one must think what would happen in future and predict the danger.
Otherwise, when unexpected things happen, one must act according to the situation and get out of it.
If not, they have to face difficulties.
You understood the moral of this story, right…
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