7 Tips To Write Killer Blogs

7 Tips To Write Killer Blogs : If you want to write in a style that is loved by the readers of your blog, take a look at these tips and absorb everything that you think will benefit you in this regard.

1.Make it Valuable and Worthwhile

Keep it short and simple; you might have a lot to say which may be interesting according to you, but people reading may be out of time. Get to the point quickly without beating about the bush and try to make short blog posts every once in a while as opposed to uploading lengthy post after every few weeks.

Worth blogging

2.Write with Audience in Mind

Know your audience and write accordingly. Are you writing a blog for people who have an advanced level of knowledge on that subject or are you simply writing for the new learners of that subject?

3.Keep it Spirited and Lively

Without being a naturally gifted writer, you can still write for your blog. But, write in the way you normally converse with your friends. Bear in mind, the golden rule of 5 W’s in the first paragraph and mention the factors of who, what, why, when and where.

4.Use Keywords often

This will assist you with staying on topic, and the search engines would rank your blog high. Your rankings will go higher than you expect. This is one of the major reasons you are supposed to write keywords first and later, in the article.

keywords of blogging

5.Write Clearly and Precisely

Try to write in short sentences and be focused on your topic. The clarity factor of your blog must be 100% to ensure highest rankings and best reviews. If you want people to love your blog, you should write in a way that your topic and whole article is crystal clear to them. The more understanding you have on the subject you are going to write, the more informative your post will be on that topic.


6.Develop an Exciting Introduction

Introduction is the key to the door of your blog. It is what determines if the reader will bother reading your article further or will he close the browser altogether. Introduction must be exciting and fun, if you want to gain maximum popularity amongst the masses.

7,List the Main Points

This will help you to write accordingly on the topic you have chosen. It will not let you go astray and will ensure that you follow all the important guidelines and produce a blog which is loved by all and sundry.

So these are some of the suggestions that helped me a lot in getting more engagement and views for my blog.

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