Ant – Elephant story in Telugu | Chandamama Kathalu in telugu

Ant – Elephant story in Telugu | Chandamama Kathalu in telugu

Ant – Elephant
Earlier there was a mangrove forest on the bank of river Godavari.
A freshwater lake was located in that forest.
Many trees were grown surrounding that lake.
An ant was living on the branch of a tree.
Meanwhile, there occurred a terrible cyclone once.
Ant had fallen down from the branch into the water as it was unable to withstand higher winds.
It has been trying in various ways to come out of that lake.
But its energy was insufficient to reach the lake shore.
At that time, an elephant has come to that lake to drink water.
It has dipped its long trunk into the lake and was drinking water.
Then the ant which had been struggling in the water saw the elephant and said…
Dear friend! Unexpectedly I have got into trouble.
Take me to the shore and save me.
If you help me to get out of this trouble, I will help you sometime later… asked out of pity.
Then that elephant laughed at words of ant and said…
You look very tiny and will you help me?
I am the biggest animal among all the animals.
You are the little creature…
Elephant ignored words of ant saying… It is a big joke that you would help me.
The ant said… Okay, King Elephant! I am unable to stay in this water.
Take me to the shore first and be blessed, ant requested.
Elephant out of his pride said…Ask me like that, I will do.
It has stepped ahead into the lake and brought the ant to the shore extending its long trunk.
Ant thanked elephant for helping it and left.
One day, few hunters with bows and arrows have chased the herd of elephants for ivory tusks.
But all the elephants have escaped from the hunters.
At last hunters were tired and thought that…
If they mix poison in lake water, elephants would die after drinking that water…
Then they can take the ivory tusks…
They mixed poison in the lake water.
Ant which was on the tree saw hunters mixing poison in the lake.
After a while, the elephant which had helped the ant came out of thirst and went to drink water in the lake.
Then the ant came to the elephant and said…
Wait, my friend! Do not drink that water.
Hunters have mixed poison in the lake, said the Ant.
But the elephant did not believe it and was thinking.
Then the ant said… Look there, my friend.
Fishes have died due to poison and are floating on water.
Looking at the fishes which have died and floating on water…
The elephant went back without drinking water.
The elephant went to the ant which had saved him and said…
Forgive me, my friend.
Out of pride, I have underestimated you on that day.
But you have saved my life today.
If you have not said, I would have died by drinking that poisonous water.
Elephant said, “A heartfelt thank you for all that you have done”.
So never, ever underestimate anyone.
Respect everyone without any differences, whatever size and capability.
Not only that, never show pride like the elephant.
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