Top 5 Best Practices Every Android App Developer Should Consider

Top 5 Best Practices Every Android App Developer Should Consider : According to a states report, the total number of mobile phone users in the world will exceed 5,000,000,000 by 2019. Another report by Smart Insight says that approximately 90% of the mobile time of consumers is spent on mobile apps. If we compare the top mobile operating system, Android clearly goes to market with a share of more than 85%.

What is The Suggestion of All These Statistics?

As a business owner, you can not ignore mobile now and it is time for you to have your own Android mobile app or you will easily lose most of your customers for your competitors.

Top 5 suggestions for Android app developers

However, the Mobile App Landscape is highly progressive and changes more frequently than developers and businesses. Trends will now have already moved in a couple of months and something new will be trending.

As a result, it is very important for every developer as well as business owners to keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the world and the best deliver for their users.

But when trends often change, there are some best practices that have been around for a very long time and are eager to stay the same in the future. For every developer, as well as looking for Android app developers for hire for businesses, these practices should know that their app ticks all important boxes and to ensure that there is a cure to use.

These are the best practices that experienced Android app developers will follow:

1. The Goal Of Your Application
No matter if you are planning to create an Android app developer or an app for a business, the first thing to know is why you need the app. Will the function be the app server? Are not the same features offered in the market already apps? How is your app different from others? What kind of features would your users like? Every app development project should start only once you have the honest answer to these questions.

There is only one way to be successful in the current cut-throat competition working on market research and rigorous thinking. It is highly recommended that before you start investing your resources in the Android application development process, competitors can study their app offer and know how to beat your app competition.

2. Application Design
Once you know that you need the app and what the objective application server will be, it’s time to think about the design of your application. The design aspect of the application should be completed before coding begins. Android app developers provide a great guide to designing their visual language, content, for the conflict with the design part of the app. The style guidelines available here ensure that your application looks and looks like the core part of the broader Android User Interface.

The design of your app is the first thing that users will see and, in this way, make sure the application seems compelling is very important. A common reason for users not to use an app is its poor design. So, even if you have a well thought app with great features, if the design is poor, users can not really try what you are offering ever.

Android app making

3. Application Security
When you hire android app developer and the development process begins, make sure that the main focus of the application and the android application development process remains. According to a research by Arxan, popular paid apps on the 1005 Android platform were cut at least once. This fact alone is more than enough to focus on the protection of the app from the beginning.

There are some important aspects that Android app developers should focus on:

• Data Transfer
• Authentication
• Data on Leisure
• Application Distribution
• Check The Version
• Application Tampering
• Code Security

Android app developers can use methods like content control to limit copy / paste actions and the app can use the ‘Open in’ feature to make sure no hazardous material opens. Also, make sure that the code is tested in the real world through download and installation process verification.

4. Uber-Critical Test
When you hire an Android app programmer, you also need to ensure that the app is tested at every level. The performance of the app should be tested with genuine users and their feedback should be appreciated. Depending on their response, users may be offered a great product to make changes to the app. In addition, feedback mechanisms like social media pages should also be used with application analytics to understand how users are actually using your app.

Most of the developers use Android Studio Emulator for app testing only. But when the emulator is great for development and debugging, it is not 100% similar to a working mobile device. While basic environmental features can be assumed with the help of emulator, the actual equipment should be used for testing. Although this can be a big investment for the Android application developer, it is sure to make the whole test and development lifecycle more efficient.

5. Focus On Poverty
If your Android app is not ready to target a particular place, then it has excellent ability to attract millions of more users. Many times, application developers and businesses are not ready for success. When they have a great product in place, they really do not know what they will do if the app receives widespread popularity. Make sure this does not happen to your app.

When the app is being prepared, the factor is in poorness and know exactly what you’ll do when your app is being used by a large number of users. Getting people to download the app is not important, but to maintain them. Even if the app is being used by many people, then everyone should experience the big comfort.

6. Wrapping Up
With Android Oreo already launched last year, Google has made it easy for mobile manufacturers to offer ongoing android updates. The new version of the OS is a game changer in many ways and has great opportunities for developers and businesses to ensure that apps are more secure, better to reach the highest number of users through working , And provides long-term revenue for app owners.

If you are planning to hire an Android app developer, keep these practices in mind and your mobile app will be set to get great results.

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