Best Web Hosting Backup Service Provider in India: Explained


You must have got a nightmare of data loss and imagine one day you have lost all your data. What will be your next step? You will search for the solution to recover it. To avoid such critical issue you have to buy backup plan to store your website data. This post will help you to know about the best web hosting provider that offers best backup plan to save your data.

Why do we need back up plan?

1) Prevention of data loss:-

An ultimate aim of taking backup of the data is to keep a safe copy of the data with you.

2) Operation plan B:-

It is always suggested to keep plan B to overcome the data loss issue. For this, cloud can be the best solution because having an additional backup plan is crucial, if natural or man-made disasters happen.  The Cloud backup as a service is all time beneficial for your business to achieve the long term goals.

3) Protect your client data:-

The important factor of data backup plan is it protects your client data. If you are saving a confidential customer data, losing such data can be disastrous for your business. If such things take place, then it will affect your business for the long term. Therefore, the backup plan is must.

4) Improvised productivity:-

The back up plan will improve productivity and save your time too. If any disaster happens, you can easily focus on your business by archiving the files. After recovering the data, you can study past and present plans to continue your current working flow.

5) Develop client relationship:-

In case your company faces such issue like data loss, it will impact your client relationship and can break your business deal as well. In such situation, backup plan will save your client relationship and build trust.

My Recommendation: MilesWeb

MilesWeb an Indian cheap web hosting provider offers all kinds of hosting solutions and other related hosting features like website builder tool, website backup and restore service, SpamExperts, Sitelock basic, Google webmaster, Analytics integration,etc. Their hosting plans are starting from Rs. 99/mo and all plans feature website backup in a cloud and restore which is paid and you can buy this feature at Rs. 99/mo only. You can subscribe to their free trial of one month in which you will get 50 GB backup space for that particular period.

Their backup service is a hybrid cloud solution powered by Acronis that will safeguard your online systems and data. This service is cost effective and highly customizable. It is suitable for SMB’s, enterprise customers and firms that store confidential data. Their backup solution encompasses physical servers, virtual machines, cloud server backup software, storage management, secure file sharing and system deployment. Moreover, it provides protection for Office 365 emails, contacts, calendar and attachments.

Key Features of MilesWeb cloud backup:-

  • Data protection for 20+ platforms
  • Fastest data recovery
  • Multiple storage options
  • Security features
  • Management and customization
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Unified cloud console

Scalable Data Protection Plans

Back up palns

From the above screen shot, you can buy any plan depending upon your requirement. If you are looking for more space, contact their team as they are available 24*7*365 days. You can reach them via chat, email and phone.


Reasons for selecting CodeGuard Cloud Backup:-

1) The CodeGuard operates in the back end of the website, you can access it on a regular basis to continue the backup process.

2) During monitoring of the data, if any change is identified on the website, CodeGuard will inform you through “ChangeAlert” email. The email comprises of data which was added, modified or deleted from the website.

3) Being a cloud platform, set up of CodeGuard is easy and simple. The only thing you have to do is include website connection details to begin the process.

4) You can take backup of your website data at any time. The complete backup of your data is taken from the CodeGuard dashboard and data is restored from cloud backup to the MilesWeb server.

5) If any malware, virus, Trojan, rootkit or spyware identified, CodeGuard will send the alert message.

6) The control panel of CodeGuard is user friendly.


Here I conclude the article and I think you must have got detailed knowledge of data backup and it’s importance for our business. Do you find article worth? Then share on your social network.


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