Private cloud hosting guide: Check if it is the right option for you or not

Private cloud hosting guide: Check if it is the right option for you or not :With the growing popularity of cloud hosting, the websites of many businesses are now being powered by cloud hosting. Two of the commonly used types of cloud hosting are the public cloud hosting and private cloud hosting. While public cloud hosting is much more economical, the private cloud hosting perfectly justifies its higher costs due to the host of premium benefit it offers to the clients. The first thing that may come to your mind is that what exactly is the private cloud hosting.

In-house private cloud hosting

A brief introduction

While the flexibility or scalability provided by private cloud hosting is very much of the same levels as is promised by public cloud hosting the main area of difference are privacy, protection, and extended control. Due to its very structure and purpose, the network of private cloud hosting service isn’t too large and that is why it needs to be operated in clusters, that is, multiple servers work in tandem to run your website. It offers an added security and a ready availability of resources through multiple sources as and when they are needed.

Two different plans for private cloud hosting

As for the plans you can choose from 2 different options:

  • In-house private cloud hosting: In-house hosting is more expensive and comes with all the managerial responsibilities. The maintenance issues and other technical issues have to be looked after by the clients. That s why it is more suited for the large MNCs who have a higher budget, dedicated team to standby human resources and high-end technologies.
  • Private cloud hostage at provider’s center: For other businesses having their private hosting hosted by providers data center seems more appealing and practical as the entire resources and managerial needs are taken care by the providers that make the economic and uncomplicated.

advantages of cloud hosting

Advantages of private cloud hosting

When you opt for private cloud hosting you can enjoy all the benefits promised by the public cloud hosting with the added advantage of more privacy, better security and extended controls over your hosting environment. Here are a few advantages of private cloud hosting:

Privacy and Security in Cloud Hosting

When you opt for private cloud hosting your physical server environment belongs to you. You can think of it as your own private digital island where all the resources belong to you and are well cordoned using sophisticated security boundaries thus you get the maximum security from hackers, malicious elements, bots and other nasty elements that can intrude your website and harm it.

Personalization in Cloud Hosting

As there is no one with whom you share your server setup or accommodate to their needs, you get the maximum control. That means you can personalize your setup as per your wishes a business needs. Whether you want to change the software or use another OS you are completely free to personalize the setup as and when you want. Thus you can change the settings of the hardware or software as per the changing demands and can even modify in the future that empowers you to keep your hosting setup always aligned to the changing needs of your business during different phases.

Extremely reliable

The private cloud hosting offers you the maximum security and your site does not have to share the resources with another provider at allows you to enjoy the uninterrupted performances and higher reliability That means even during the fluctuations, traffic or other unpleasant situations where the resource consumption might experience fluctuations, you still continue to enjoy the uniform performance that can add to your user experience.


Disadvantages of private cloud hosting

Not ideal for small businesses or start-ups

While the private cloud hosting offers you the best security and flexibility it is not a necessary requirement for the beginner’s start-ups or small businesses due to the higher costs. Especially if you opt for the in-house setup the things can not only be more expensive but may also prove to be a futile exercise in the future due to the lack of proper maintenance or management as you will require a dedicated team or sophisticated software/hardware assets for the same.

May disturb the normal schedule

If you lack a huge team then t may also disturb the normal schedule of your IT department by creating ore responsibilities for the can have an adverse effect on the productivity.

Third party service providers charge significant fees

Another option to look for third-party service providers at it can only solve the managerial or maintenance issues. However at the same time that can further increase the costs associated with the private cloud server. There are many aspects associated with the private server like maintenance management or upgrades and you will have to pay significant fees to the service provider for looking after each aspect.

May restrict the access capabilities of remote/Mobile users

When you want to take the maximum benefit out of your higher security environments then you may need to restrict some of the features. There is hardly any way the security can be tightened without affecting the democratic appeal at all. Thus the mobile and remote users might have to face some restrictions on the access and usage controls that can fact their user experience.

Is private cloud hosting an ideal option for you?

The private cloud hosting offers a host of benefits as we read in the article but the million dollar question is – is this hosting an ideal option for your business? The answer could be tricky and varies depending upon your business, budget, requirements, industry and other details. Here are a few points that can help you to ascertain if you should go for an ideal private cloud hosting.

  • Any hosting is ideal for specific sectors of industry or businesses and private cloud hosting is not an exception here. In this article, we learned that private cloud hosting offers almost all the benefits in terms of flexibility and scalability as is provided by the public cloud, along with the added benefits of security, privacy and extended control over hosting environment.
  • The second thing that we learned was that it is a more expensive option. So, an easy way to determine if private cloud hosting is a good option for you is to compare the projected quantifiable benefits you expect in your online revenue, conversions or branding and the costs associated with the private cloud using. If you discover that the projected benefits are comfortably higher than the projected costs that mean private cloud hosting is the ideal option for you.
  • Of course, the present status of your business, expansion plans and most importantly the available budget on hand also holds vital importance. In fact, to be on the safer side you should always have at least 25-30% more capital on your hand over the required projected budget.
  • The type of website matters a lot. If you offer finance related services like insurance, wealth management services etc. then your site needs a higher level of security to protect the sensitive information of your clients.
  • Likewise, if you sell weapons or sensitive military equipment then to your website needs a higher amount of security.
  • The websites that need flexible data management like online examination websites can also benefit from e flexible data management capabilities of private cloud hosting.


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