Fox and Lion Story in Telugu – Telugu Kids Stories – Chandamama Kathalu

FOx and Lion Story in Telugu – Telugu Kids Stories – Chandamama Kathalu

Once there lived a lion named Kesari in the forest.
Being a leader of all the animals in the forest, that lion used to showcase its pride as a king.
One day the hungry lion was looking for food but it did not find anything in the forest.
The hungry lion started roaming around the forest with a hope that it could find any animal and hunt it.
It has been searching for food till the evening.
With this, disappointed lion started going back to its home.
One its way to home, the lion saw a big cave.
Then that lion thought as follows.
There must be an animal in this big cave.
It is evening now, that animal has to return to this cave.
I will hide in this cave. As soon as that animal enters this cave…
I will hunt that animal and eat it.
Thinking so, the lion went and sat hiding inside the cave.
That was the cave of an intelligent fox.
After a few hours, the fox came to its cave humming.
While entering the cave, it has stopped there itself as the footprints of the lion were found outside his cave.
Oh my god! It looks like the lion has entered my cave.
This might be the last day of my life if I go inside the cave.
By the way… How to find whether the lion is in the cave or not?
Likewise, it started getting afraid inside.
Meanwhile, the fox got an idea.
Immediately, the fox went near the cave and said…
The fox spoke loud, “Oh cave, why are you not speaking anything today even after seeing me?”
You would tease me daily as soon as I come, right…
Why are you so silent?
I think you might be scared of some terrible animal.
I think it was the reason why you are not speaking anything.
You are silent even after I spoke so much… That means you do not like me to come inside.
Okay, I will not come to your cave from today.
Do not talk to me from today.
I will search for another cave.
Listening to that, the lion got surprised and thought…
Bloody fox! This is very strange!
How can the cave speak?
Until now I do not know this thing what that fox know, how strange…
If this is true…
This cave saw me coming inside just before, right…
I think the cave is silent because it is afraid of me.
Anyway, I am the king of this forest.
Everyone should afraid of me.
Because of this cave, I may lose the food that I am going to get soon.
Okay. If this cave do not speak…
I will change my voice and speak instead of it.
I will make that fox enter the cave…
I will kill that and eat stomachful today, thought in its mind.
Then the lion acted over smart and said mimicking the cave…
Nothing like that, my friend…
I was silent until now to know how much you love me.
Can I get the day off without seeing you?
Can I stay without you?
Our friendship is a great bond lasts forever.
Come inside soon. I want to share many matters with you, said the lion.
Immediately after listening to that words, the intelligent fox thought…
Oh god! The lion is there inside.
If I did not get this idea, it would have killed me by this time.
This lion looks like a fool.
How can stones, rocks and caves speak?
God blessed it with a huge body but did not place even a little brain in its head.
Thinking so, the fox ran away from there for its life.
When unexpected troubles occur one should overcome them without fear using an idea just like the fox in this story.

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