Fox and Wolf story in Telugu | Chandamama Kathalu

Fox and Wolf story in Telugu | Chandamama Kathalu

Fox and Wolf story
Once upon a time, there lived a wolf in a forest.
One day it has found nothing to eat.
It was not able to bear the hunger.
And was eagerly waiting to find some animal.
Meanwhile, a fox was found passing by.
Without a second thought, Wolf jumped all at once and caught the Fox.
The Fox which was scared of Wolf’s attack gathered all the courage and said…
What, my dear friend?
You have jumped on me all at once…
Where can I go escaping from you?
Said innocently.
Then the wolf said…
Oh, cunning fox! Your smart tricks will not work in my case.
You are caught by me as I am lucky.
I will not leave you, said the wolf.
Fox laughed a lot at the dialogues of wolf.
Being unable to understand why the fox is laughing, the wolf said…
Wolf teased saying… Dear Fox, you might be laughing madly as you do not know what to do in the fear of death.
The fox did not react to the words of the wolf.
With a smile on its face, Fox said…
I am not afraid of death. I do not know when and how it comes.
I am laughing as I have been caught by you instead of getting killed by a tiger or lion, said the fox.
Then the wolf angrily said, do not act smart.
Saying so, wolf tried to kill the fox by biting its neck.
Then the fox requested saying…
Dear friend, you can eat me without any doubt.
But a small word.
I am on my way to bring a lump of butter which is favourite to my babies.
They might be waiting for me hungrily.
If you leave me for some time, I will give them a lump of butter and come back to you.
Then you can kill me and eat as you like, said the fox.
Being surprised by the dialogues of the fox…
Wolf asked… A lump of butter? How does it look like?
Where is it available?
The lump of butter is very tasty, soft and smoothly melted when we eat.
It must be eaten but its taste cannot be explained.
Likewise, the fox described with great interest.
Wolf is much interested in the lump of butter.
Until now I just heard about the lump of butter, but I did not taste it.
Anxiously Wolf asked… Where is it available?
I will tell you, dear friend.
Merchants produce it and preserve secretly in the wells.
I will go and bring it for you and for my babies, said the fox.
With that, Wolf said…
I have already told you. Your bloody tricks will not work in front of me.
You are trying to escape by saying about the butter.
I am not such a fool.
I too will come with you. Now let us move.
Fox said, It is a good to hear. come, let us go together.
Fox and wolf moved ahead together.
They saw a well in the middle of the forest.
They peeped into that well.
They saw the clear image of the moon in water.
Look there, it is the lump of butter.
See how beautiful it is!
Fox asked… You are mouthwatering, right?
Stop making me mouthwatering.
Get into the well and bring it up immediately, said the wolf.
A pulley was attached to that well.
It has a rope which was tied to two buckets at its both ends.
The fox sat in one bucket and went into the well.
The wolf has been waiting anxiously thinking why the fox is not coming out of the well yet.
After a while, out of impatience…
I asked you to bring the lump of butter.
Why are you so late?
Come up, I will see your end… Wolf shouted.
Fox which was in the well told the wolf…
You are very anxious.
This lump of butter is very big.
Not only that, it is so heavy.
If you come here, we will take this lump of butter out of the well together, said the fox.
Listening to the words spoken by fox, in a hurry to eat the butter…
Without a second thought, wolf went into the well by sitting in the other bucket placed on the well.
While wolf is going down into the well, the fox came up because of its weight.
Wolf has fallen into the well and died.
Always act according to the situation.
If we face any dangers and hazards unexpectedly…
We should tactically get out of them using our intelligence without fear.
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