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Gold Bangle – Traveller
That was a thick forest.
One has to walk across that forest to reach the city.
One day a traveller was going to the city walking across that forest.
With the fear that the cruel animals attack him in the forest…
Holding his heart tightly, he was walking ahead in fear.
There lived an old tiger in that forest.
It was very hungry and could no longer hunt any animal.
Being unable to do anything, the tiger was hiding behind a tree.
That old tiger saw the traveller who was going across the forest.
The tiger was so weak that it could not hunt that traveller and eat him.
The old tiger thought of plotting a plan to kill that traveller and want to satisfy its hunger.
From the time when it became weak, the old tiger started killing the people with its cunning tricks and had been satisfying its hunger.
When the traveller was passing by it…
The old tiger got a brilliant idea.
The tiger has a golden bangle of a person whom it killed long before.
As the traveller who was walking in hurry in the forest has been coming towards the tiger…
Feeling happy inside, the old tiger said…
O, kind traveller! Look here. Come here.
Likewise, the tiger called him with great respect.
The traveller got scared when he saw the tiger suddenly.
But looking at the golden bangle sparkling in Tiger’s hand…
Even after getting scared, he was lured by the golden bangle.
With a great courage, he asked the tiger…
He asked loudly… Why are you calling me?
What work you have with me?
Then that tiger started speaking politely acting like a good one…
O, traveller! Do not know why… but I feel pity for you.
You look very poor and sad due to many problems.
I would like to help the people like you.
That is why I called you, said the tiger.
What can you help me?
Let me go on my way. I will find some work in the city.
Said the traveller.
Look here. This is a golden bangle.
It is very costly. This is of no use to me.
My determination is to give it to a person like you, said the tiger.
So happy for you. Your intention is very good.
The traveller asked… What is the benefit you get by doing this?
Admirable! You asked a right question.
By donating this golden bangle, I will be blessed by God with virtue.
And you can get rid of poverty, said the tiger.
Then the traveller said, forget about the virtue you get…
You are a cruel animal and could kill anyone mercilessly.
The traveller expressed his doubt… How can I trust your words?
What you said is true.
When I was young, I killed many men and animals.
Because of that, I have bagged many sins.
A saint who saw my pain had told me that I can atone for my sins by donating something.
So I would like to atone for my sins by donating this golden bangle to a good man like you, said the tiger.
With that, the desire in the traveller to get the golden bangle got doubled.
But hesitatingly he said…
I trust your words. However, I am afraid of you.
Leave me. I will go.
Saying so, the traveller started his journey.
Then the tiger said…
O, king traveller! wait, listen to me.
Trust me.
Do not miss the golden bangle which is coming to you on your own.
I understood your fear.
I will clear your doubt.
I am suffering from several diseases due to old age.
I became very old.
I cannot stand steadily.
I cannot even move or run anywhere.
My claws are blunt now.
I have no teeth.
I have a poor eyesight, said the tiger.
After listening to the tiger, the traveller felt happy inside that he is going to get a precious golden bangle.
Then he trusted the tiger without fear.
He went to the tiger and said…
Okay! As you want to atone for the sins that you have committed…
I am ready to accept the golden bangle donation, said the traveller.
The tiger felt happy that it is going to get the food without any struggle.
The tiger said to the traveller…
I will donate this golden bangle to you, but…
Firstly, bathe in this lake and come… said the tiger.
The traveller might be very greedy…
Without thinking of anything, that traveller went to bathe in the lake.
The bottom of the lake was filled with mud.
It was very slippery when he put his leg in it.
As he was very greedy to get the golden bangle…
He entered the lake to have a bathe.
Immediately, he struck in the mud
He tried to take out his legs, but he could not.
Then he shouted in fear… Help me! Help me!
Do not shout like that.
I am here to help you, right…
Saying so, the tiger came slowly and pounced on the traveller all at once.
The old tiger killed the traveller, ate him up and took rest happily.
Ultimately greed only brings grief.

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