How to Analyze channel Performance With Youtube Analytics

How to Analyze channel Performance With Youtube Analytics

Here i am ready to share Corporate Youtube SEO Analytics report
Channel name is Chandamama Kathalu

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Chandamama Kathalu

Channel  Analytics

Videos : For last 28 Days

** Need To Upload High Watch time Videos Without Audio Video Gap

** Need to Change Thumbnail to Increase CTR ( Top 3 Low CTR Videos in this Month )

Gunta nakka Elugu banti               – 3.1% CTR

Gandu Chima – Gunna Enugu      – 3.6% CTR

Nakka- Thodelu katha                   – 10.2 % CTR


Trafiic  Sources :

** Direct Unknown : people Clicking thumbnail without YouTube promoting (Need to Increase by Community Posts)

**Channel Pages :    Through other Channel Featured Content

** Need to Increase By Promoting various methods using Different Channels


Suggesting Videos :

** Bala mitra , Koo koo tv, lollipop stories, Edtelugu, vishal kuamr,ar entertenments , chewinggum kids telugu tv channels are suggesting our content..

** Check above Channels Before Publishing Any Videos

** If find Releated video take out the Keywords do Analysis.


YouTube AdS :

** Need to Stop Ads- Channel Got 4000 Hours

** for Watch time Purpose run Skip ads , Subscribers Purpose Run Discover Ads.

Playlists Source :

  • Some Playlists Performing well.
  • Need To Add More 100+ keyword Based Playlist Using Different Accounts Different IP

( For Ranking Different Keywords )( Take Playlist names from channel ranking Keywords Only)


Browse features :

** need to Enter Call to Action words on channel description

** need to change Logo ( But it effect on previous works)

** Change The Home Page Layout

**  Change the Thumbnail Style


Other YouTube features :

** Increase The Sharing and Embeeding ( to increase views)


YouTube Search :

** Need to Find Ranking keyword Search volumes  and Target High Search volume Keywords.

** Increase the keywords Count

** Add More Playlist to Rank the Video for that Keyword



External Source :

** Need to Increase Whatsapp volume by Target 2000 people ( Data )

** Facebook Increase the Count of Followers ( New Account)

** Google Search : Insert the Embedded into different Websites .

With Google Images and Videos

** Pinterest :  Use 1000 of images to Redirect Traffic to Particular Videos


Notifications :

** less Number Of people Watching videos Through Notifications

** Insert Video Out Timing in Channel Art

** Educate Subscribers to Click Bell Icon




Locations of Watching Video :

** People are interested to Watch our videos from Different countries .

** We Need to Add manual Sub titles in their languages . (Check ROI before Doing this )


Devices :

**Making Video by Targeting Mobile Phone Users

Views From Youtube Products :


Our channel for kids . Somebody Find our channel videos in Youtube kids .

So Target Youtube Kids ( Increase the Watch time and view count )


LIVE YouTube :

** Live Videos getting more Watch time compare to Direct Publishing videos.

** So we need to find best timing and well performed video to put on live.

** increase the people count Who are watching video through YouTube notification.


Views With Subtitles :

** Viewers are interested to Watch videos with Subtitle .

** So we need to Insert the Subtitle  by People watching Location languages .

Translation Use :

** Use the translation in Title Description Also.


End Cards Report :

** End screens are performing Well.


*Subscribe button got Low CTR value . Here We loss 44 Views For 1  subscribe .

* To Increase the Views Replacing Subscribe Button with Video

* To Increase The Subscribers- Enter this Subscribe Button In Another Well Performes Channels.


Cards Report  :

Compare to playlist videos are getting high  clicks ( CTR)

** Need to Replace Playlist With Videos


Youtube Sharing :

** Low volume of Share we Find..

** need to Increase By Using Youtube Videos.




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