We all know skype is not being used a lot in this era. But still skype is providing some features that will break other calling applications spine. Skype is the very first application which provides us free voice or video call option. It served more than 10 years and to more than 74 million users.

You can make free voice or video calls using skype if your friend is also on skype. You can also make voice or video call if your friend is not on skype. But for that you have to buy skype credits you can buy with credit card also. With skype credits you will be able to call your offline friends and the number they will see will be different every time.

Skype is providing best voice and video calling quality from the very long time. And it does till now. And people still love it and use it a lot. We can say they copied the skype calling feature. What makes skype better than other applications are that skype is available on every single platform as software.

Skype is useful for Business as –

  1. Skype Business Recording – Records business meetings.
  2. Skype Business Video Conferencing – Number of people can participate in business meeting from different states or countries, same time.
  3. Skype For Business Web App – The mobile app can be download on android, windows, apple device. That can be used to attend business meetings or conferences.

But you cannot download Facebook app on Mac or Windows, also, WhatsApp app on Windows. Without emulators, because when skype had that feature in that time, there was no WhatsApp or Facebook.

There was only Orkut, which can be used to send texts. Even after Facebook came they did not had that feature for years! Until they created apps for their own. Like as Facebook Messenger.

You can say that skype is still the boss of all the calling applications. And it is still in the market. The latest feature they provide which is very useful and very much popular among youngsters. And if you love watching or using walkie talkies then you will love that feature too.

Yeah, I am talking about skype push to talk feature. This is officially released on skype few months back. This is also known as PTT. Yeah it is already in your skype application you just need to do is enable it.

Of course, we will tell you today that how can you enable it on your desktop, laptop, mac or iOS even on android. First of all, we will talk about that what is push to talk and how It works and at the end. I will tell you how you can enable it on your skype using any platform.

If you already know enough about push to talk then you can simply skip to the bottom. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started now.


With the help of skype push to talk you do not have to do group call or call everyone to coordinate to everyone. You can do it on your one single click. Skype push to talk is like walkie talkie where you can talk in groups and can make yourself mute when you already said something.

And unmute yourself when you want to say something again. Yeah it seems pretty cool. You just have to press a key, which you will select after enabling it to mute or unmute. Like as walkie talkie, it is very easy to use and understand. But still some people found it very tough and difficult to use.

I will tell you how it works after enabling it. I will teach you in detail that you can understand it easily like a piece of cake. When you already enable it, you will see the toggle mute button on the top of the skype window. After enabling it you must have select a hotkey like as if you are using laptop or computer and you select space as your hotkey.

And you have to mute yourself after the call begin. When you press space, it will unmute your microphone and you will be able to speak. And when you will release space it will mute your microphone again. See this is very easy to use. Now let’s go and tell you how you can enable it on your own platforms.


Now I will not waste your any more time we will straight go to our topic. Just follow my steps carefully and you will get your push to talk enable in next few seconds.

  1. simply open your skype and click on tool option top of the skype window.
  2. select option from drop down menu.
  3. select advanced option from the bottom left side menu.
  4. click on hot keys. And tap to mark on hotkeys enable.
  5. now you have list of options.
  6. now go to bottom last you will see option toggle mute (push to talk)
  7. Enable this option to enable your push to talk feature.

This option is not for only desktop users this will work for every single users who have skype on their platform. It does not matter if they are mac or android users. It will work for all of you guys.

And after enabling hot keys select the key which is easy to press while making conversions during push to talk call. Like as space for desktop users and volume up or down for mobile users. This will really be helpful for you guys to use it while talking like as walkie talkie.

FINAL WORDS About Skype Push to Talk

Today’s our topic was about skype push to talk how to enable it or use it and how it works. I gave you proper detail above and these steps are tested on every platforms and they all are working 100% comment below if any questions are popping up in your mind.

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