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If you want to adjust the channel’s demographic to attract primarily 13-17 year old females, what could you do to shift this demographic?

What is one way that channel managers help grow a channel?

Evaluate the channel’s role in the ecosystem and how it can leverage the other elements of the ecosystem.

When do fluctuations in CPMs typically happen?
What does the Translations report allow you to do?
Why is it important to look at the overall revenue and CPMs per country?
When optimizing for mobile, what is not part of the standard checklist?
How can reading video comments inform the channel’s content strategy?
How does YouTube provide opportunity for micro-moments?
A key consideration when evaluating a video description is:
Why is it important to connect your YouTube channel with an AdSense account?
What low-investment strategies could a channel do that may help increase viewership in a particular country?
Which of the following ad formats ? typically has the lowest CPMs?
Which one of the following metrics may not be a part of your top level revenue performance?
What is the most common revenue stream channels use to earn money on YouTube?
Which factor may contribute to a video being demonetized due to advertiser-unfriendliness?
Which one of the following is not recommended for playlists?
Which is an example of a measurable question to ask?
What action could you take to optimize content if you see a sudden drop in audience retention at the beginning of the video?
What metric found in the Cards report can help you evaluate performance?
Which one of the following is not something you would check for when evaluating how video titles drive discovery?
If an entertaining piece of content turns out to be highly searched for, what could that indicate?
What is the correct order of steps to set up your channel for monetization and to get paid for earned ad revenue?
How can multi-line graphs help distinguish video performance?
Which is not an example of a benchmark?
How can you estimate which ad formats are earning the most revenue?
Why might you compare watch time patterns by content groups?
What is a way to use the “Compare” feature in YouTube Analytics to determine benchmarks?
What is a reserve ad?
If a particular content format underperforms, what action might be appropriate?
What might be used as a channel icon?
Which is true of reserve ads?
Which of the following content types deters advertisers from showing ads on your videos?
Where is a recommended place to add the channel mission statemente?
What options can channels have to restrict the types of ads that are shown on their channel?
What is an auction ad?
What influences how ads get onto a channel’s videos?
What would you typically expect to see in the Watch Time “published” report for a Help channel  ?
What would you typically expect to see in the Watch Time “published” report for a Hub  channel ?
What would you typically expect to see in the Watch Time “published” report for a Hero channel?
Why are subscribers generally key to a channel’s success on YouTube?
What information from YouTube Analytics can help you optimize video metadata?
To determine if a channel has effective metadata, what can you evaluate?
What is the value of a strong call to action to subscribe within a channel trailer?
If a sports channel broadcasts professional American football games and wants to target local university students, which demographic might be the best fit for this criteria?
How can you best determine changes in traffic sources over time?
What is the goal of the ad serving model?
Which one of these techniques is suggested to improve the performance of cards?
Which one of these techniques is not listed as a way to drive traffic from social media?
How might you know if you are increasing your subscriber watch time?

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