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Hey Youtuber do you need youtube certification .

It is  simple process when your a fan of

I will insert some questions and answer here.

What is one way that channel managers help grow a channel?

  • Encourage the channel to solely focus on viral content.
  • Set watch time and subscriber goals.
  • Assess competitors’ content and duplicate their content strategy.
  • Evaluate the channel’s role in the ecosystem and how it can leverage the other elements of the ecosystem.

How is the media landscape changing?

  • More adults prefer cable TV over online video platforms.
  • Viewers are on fewer devices when watching TV.
  • Viewers are shifting from passive viewers to active viewers.
  • Teens and millennials are watching more live broadcast TV.

Why is it important to look at the overall revenue and CPMs per country?

  • To identify the potential advertising agencies in each country to target.
  • To identify the demographics in each country.
  • To verify the macro level market trends that influence viewership, CPM, and ad rates.
  • To identify how each country contibutes to overall revenue based on viewership and CPMs.

How can you best determine changes in traffic sources over time?

  • Group videos by content format, then contrast their traffic sources.
  • Look at a multi-line graph of traffic sources over a date range.
  • Rank traffic sources in order of importance to the channel.
  • Compare traffic sources from different days of the week.

How can the “Groups” feature help determine performance for a set of videos?

  • Assign team members to groups so only managers can access financial data.
  • Assemble videos into groups so viewers can discover related videos.
  • Divide videos into groups to see how viewers engage with different content formats.
  • Organize separate reports into groups so it’s easier to find data in one place.

What is an estimated monetized playback (EMP)?

  • The approximate number of subscribers who saw an ad
  • The approximate number of monetized views that resulted from an ad shown
  • The approximate number of playbacks that had allowable ads for monetization
  • The approximate number of the channel’s views that resulted in an ad impression

Which compare metric would you use with the Watch time report to determine whether channel programming is Hero, Hub, or Help?

  • Average percentage viewed
  • Subscribed & non-subscribed
  • Videos published
  • Videos added

Which of the following helps fuel the YouTube ads ecosystem?

  • Browser bookmarks
  • YouTube Red subscribers
  • Embedded third-party sponsorships
  • Engaged viewers

How might you determine the target audience before starting a YouTube channel?

  • Conduct an online poll.
  • Go with your instincts.
  • Review the channel’s Demographics report.
  • Conduct a competitive analysis to determine what demographic responds well to the types of content the channel makes.

What is a direct way to earn revenue on YouTube?

  • Claiming ownership of fan reaction videos
  • Selling remarketing lists of video viewers
  • Conducting Brand Lift surveys
  • Producing content that is eligible for monetization

What is an example of YouTube Analytics data that can help you with your business goal?

  • YouTube content ratings
  • Top Charts on Google Trends
  • Average view duration for subscribers
  • Asset performance


If you see a watch time pattern with periodic spikes in your watch time report, which one of the reasons is least likely?

  • The spikes could correspond to a consistent upload schedule.


  • The  spike could represent the changes in the number of likes/dislikes.


  • The spikes could represent a periodic fluctuation in viewership over time.
  • The spikes could correspond to when subscribers watch new releases.


If a serious news channel has a mission to “shine a light on underreported stories around the globe,” what might it want to feature in its channel trailer?

  • An amusing interview with reporter outtakes
  • A request for subscribers to provide funding for new content
  • A message to political leaders to reform government
  • Video clip examples of these underreported stories and a call-to-action to subscribe

What is the ideal audience retention pattern?

  • Large bumps and dips
  • Sudden spike in middle
  • A flat slope that hovers near 100%
  • Steep decline

How can taking a snapshot of your channel performance help you with assessing your channel?

  • To establish a baseline benchmark to compare against goals.
  • To determine which single video contributed the most revenue.
  • To compare online and offline advertising budgets.
  • To measure short-term performance improvements.

What is one strategy to evaluate how well thumbnails distinguish content?

  • Do a side-by-side comparison of 10 thumbnails against a similar channel
  • Review the Thumbnails report to see likes and dislikes
  • Examine every thumbnail and ensure no two thumbnails look similar
  • Conduct A/B testing for one video with 5 different thumbnails

How can you effectively measure which content resonates with subscribers?

  • Use the Subscribers report and select “Subscribers lost” for the last 30 days.
  • Use the Comments report and filter for comments from non-subscribers.
  • Use the Watch time report overlayed with the comparison metric “audience preference”.
  • Use the Watch time report overlayed with the comparison metric “subscribers”.

Which factor may contribute to a video being demonetized due to advertiser-unfriendliness?

  • The video was uploaded from an unmonetizable country.
  • The video contains age-restricted material.
  • The video is on a channel that has not enabled monetization.
  • The channel manager has blocked ads from many sensitive categories.

What low-investment strategies could a channel do that may help increase viewership in a particular country?

    • Produce a new video on the same topic with top creators in that market.
    • Do nothing, viewership contribution from other countries has minimal impact on revenue.
    • Identify local talent and create a dubbed version of the video to improve the native viewing experience.


  • Leverage your community to crowd source captions and metadata translations.


What options can channels have to restrict the types of ads that are shown on their channel?


  • Channels can block the types of ads that may be inappropriate to the channel, like sensitive or age-appropriate ads or competing ads.


  • Channels can pick which advertiser can show ads on their channel.
  • Channels are not able to block the different types of ads that may show up on their channel.
  • Channels can only block all ads or show all ads.

When do fluctuations in CPMs typically happen?

  • CPMs rise at the end of a quarter and dip at the beginning of a quarter.
  • They rise at the beginning of the quarter and dip at the end of the quarter.
  • CPMs don’t fluctuate, they are a fixed value across the year.
  • They dip at the end of the year and rise at the beginning of the year.


What is the correct order of steps to set up your channel for monetization and to get paid for earned ad revenue?

  • 1. Turn ad formats on the videos 2. Connect channel with AdSense 3. Enable the channel for monetization.
  • 1. Connect channel with AdSense 2. Turn ad formats on the videos 3. Enable the channel for monetization.
  • 1. Select videos to monetize 2. Connect channel with AdSense 3. Enable the channel for monetization.
  • 1. Enable the channel for monetization 2. Connect channel with AdSense 3. Turn ad formats on the videos

What is the correct order of steps to set up your channel for monetization and to get paid for earned ad revenue?

    • 1. Turn ad formats on the videos 2. Connect channel with AdSense 3. Enable the channel for monetization.
    • 1. Connect channel with AdSense 2. Turn ad formats on the videos 3. Enable the channel for monetization.
    • 1. Select videos to monetize 2. Connect channel with AdSense 3. Enable the channel for monetization.


  • 1. Enable the channel for monetization 2. Connect channel with AdSense 3. Turn ad formats on the videos.


What is a best practice many channels use for their sections?

  • Reorder sections every week to keep content fresh.
  • Create no more than 3 sections.
  • Populate the top section with popular videos.
  • Assemble sections to appeal primarily to long-time subscribers.

Which is a good example of a mission statement for a YouTube channel?

  • Give people a voice and a chance to succeed, bring them together, and show them the world.
  • Bring the most delicious food content around — with features, explainers, animations, recipes, and much more.
  • Efficiently provide access to high-quality services as well as endeavor to proactively embrace best-of-breed deliverables.
  • Make great content that everyone will love and share.

What is the recommended first step in a channel assessment?

  • Experiment with two different programming strategies to see the results
  • Ask important questions to uncover key learnings about a channel
  • Collect and analyze subscriber data from YouTube Analytics
  • Develop a roadmap for growing a channel and business on YouTube


If a particular content format underperforms, what action might be appropriate?

  • Immediately change these videos to private.
  • Disable monetization on these videos.
  • Update the channel’s mission statement.
  • Investigate what can be done to increase performance of these videos.

Which one of these techniques is not listed as a way to drive traffic from social media?

  • Update copy on social profile pages to highlight your YouTube channel.
  • Use a different name and logo across social media so the YouTube channel is unique.
  • Add teasers or clips on social media to promote recent video uploads.
  • Enable optional tabs or buttons in social media feeds to link to YouTube.

Which content format is typically associated with a watch time pattern of a spike, followed by a sharp drop?

  • Inspirational
  • All formats
  • Entertaining
  • Educational

What is an auction ad?


  • An ad sold to the highest bid


  • An ad from a non-YouTube ad network
  • An ad from from non-YouTube partners
  • Does not exist.

How can reading video comments inform the channel’s content strategy?

  • Determine what your most popular search terms are.
  • Change the programming schedule based on comments from early fans.
  • Identify what types of content appeal to the audience.
  • There’s no value in reading comments.

What is a recommended action to support Hero content programming?

  • Explore collaborations or cross-promotions to amplify content.
  • Model the programming schedule after another channel with a lot of subscribers.
  • Check out Google Trends for high-volume searches in the category.
  • Communicate the publishing schedule in the video description.

Which order outlines what ad formats take up the most to least space on the video player?

  • Overlay, Skippable, Display
  • Skippable, Display Overlay
  • Overlay, Display, Skippable
  • Skippable, Overlay, Display

Which could be a reason that two videos with similar monetizable view counts earn different revenue?

  • Differing video resolution across videos
  • Enablement of different ad formats
  • Number of likes and dislikes
  • Privacy settings

Which is true of reserve ads?

    • Because impressions cannot be guaranteed, advertisers are charged a variable rate.
    • Because impressions are guaranteed, advertisers are charged a variable rate.
    • They can only be sold and served via Google’s Ad Exchange, or AdWords for video.


  • Because impressions are guaranteed, advertisers are charged a fixed rate.


Which of the following ad formats typically has the lowest CPMs?

    • Auction ads
    • Non-skippable reserve
    • Skippable reserve


  • Display ads


What action could you take to optimize content if you see bumps in your audience retention curve?

    • Ensure the title, thumbnail, and description reflect the video content.


  • Examine bumps and consider including similar elements in future videos.


  • Eliminate or shorten elements that consistently result in dips and declines.
  • Create more videos similar to this one, since this is regarded as the ideal audience retention.

Which of the following is an element of advertiser-friendliness?

    • Evidence that the channel has been whitelisted
    • Whether the production quality meets broadcast standards


  • Content that does not have graphic or explicit content.


  • Verification that the channel’s audience is large enough to be profitable for advertisers

If the largest traffic source is external, what opportunity could you take?

  • Partner with additional websites to drive more traffic to the channel.
  • Notify subscribers about every new video.
  • Customize content for tablets and game consoles.
  • Optimize video metadata for YouTube search.

What would you typically expect to see in the Watch Time “published” report for a Help channel?


  • Little or no increase in watch time soon after publishing each video


  • A pattern consisting of spikes in watch time soon after publishing each video
  • A drop in watch time after publishing the video, followed by a spike 30 days later
  • A huge spike in watch time soon after publishing the video

Why is it important to assess discovery on YouTube?

  • There is a direct correlation between discovery and video length.
  • You need to understand who is visiting the channel in order to serve the appropriate ads to them.
  • Channels with lower discovery should focus solely on viral videos.
  • Knowledge of discovery allows you to optimize the channel for optimum views.

Which one of these techniques is suggested to improve the performance of cards?

    • Add at least 5 cards to each video.
    • Enable cards for desktop viewers only.


  • Include a verbal call-to-action when the card appears.


  • Insert all cards in the first 15 seconds of the video.

If a sports channel broadcasts professional American football games and wants to target local university students, which demographic might be the best fit for this criteria?

    • Females, ages 35-45, living in Brazil
    • Males, ages 35-45, living in the United States
    • Males, ages 13-34, living in Canada


  • Males, ages 18-24, living in the United States



If you find content with high watch time from subscribers, what can you do next?

  • Change the metadata on these videos.
  • Change the content strategy to target non-subscribers.
  • See what these videos have in common so you can replicate these elements.
  • See what these videos have in common so you can minimize these elements.

Why is having an audience match important?

  • Poor audience match could slow channel growth and/or reduce audience retention.
  • Poor audience match could cause the channel to lose its existing watch time.
  • Good audience match could improve the target demographics.
  • Good audience match could improve the ad rates on the channel’s videos.

How would you know whether a new video series has a high audience retention rate?

  • Compare the ratio of likes to dislikes.
  • Use the audience retention report to set a baseline for all videos.
  • Analyze how the first video in the series performed in the first 24 hours.
  • Compare the audience retention rate of a group of videos in the series to the channel average.

What is the role of video metadata on YouTube?

  • Metadata is used to surface videos in YouTube search.
  • Metadata helps advertisers target videos by demographic.
  • Metadata prevents identical videos from being uploaded to YouTube.
  • Metadata controls whether a video can be embedded on other sites.

What information from YouTube Analytics can help you optimize video metadata?

  • Most popular keywords by gender, age, and geography
  • Top keywords people search for to find your videos
  • Top 10 trending searches on Google
  • Keywords used by subscribers

What metric found in the End Screens report can help you improve the viewer experience?

  • Like and dislikes for each end screen
  • Audience retention of end screen elements
  • Number of times an end screen element is shown and clicked
  • Demographic profile of viewers who click on end screens


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