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welcome to tech training in telugu.some of #youtube creator are dont know what is copyright on i will train in this video what is #copyright on youtube in telugu i the part of free youtube training in telugu.
youtube creators who are created youtube channel must know the wat is copyright and what is content id.Youtube provide the content id for every channel in case anybody download the video from our youtube channel and upload into their youtube channel.

Then youtube automatically send the copyright strike .now what happen by copyright strike simple in case any channel got 3 copyright strike channel will we suspended by youtube. youtube creators have a doubt if what we do in case a a copyright .simple answer if any channel got a single copy righ strike we have 2 option 1st one counter notification submission .2 nd option request retraction. either wait 3 months of duration for disappearing the copyright strike.

But in some case after 3months copyright strike also still live in your account.
You need to mail to youtube Copyright support team..
Easy process removing expire copyright strike.
Just open your youtube applications then click on channel lo.
Go to help option you will find the e mail us.
Just click on that you will get new options.
Select tge option which is related to copyright.
Enter following details and send mail to youtube Copyright team.

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Thanks for watching youtube tutorials in telugu
Note : video in #telugu launguage.
if have any doubts about what is copyright on youtube in telugu do comment here.

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