Intelligent Crow story in telugu | Chandamama Kathalu In telugu

Intelligent Crow

Once upon a time, there was a crow in a forest.
That was a hot summer season.
As it was a very hot day, the crow felt very thirsty.
Due to the hot temperature, the throat of the crow became very dry.
Searched a lot in many places to find water.
But it did not find water anywhere.
Already it was very tired of flying.
It felt very weak and was searching to find water with hope.
Unluckily, it did not find any traces of water.
While searching for water, the crow found a pot.
Immediately, the crow went to that pot with a great hope.
As the crow was feeling thirsty, it looked into the pot immediately.
But the water level is so low that he cannot reach it.
All its expectations have gone waste.
The crow felt sad that it was unable to drink water as the water level was too low.
But it did not want to leave water like that.
It started thinking of what to do using all its brain.
Immediately, the crow got an idea.
Then it has put the idea into action.
The crow picked some pebbles found around and dropped them into the pot one by one.
When it dropped pebbles in the pot, the water level raised up.
The crow drank enough water and finally quenches its thirst.
Then the crow felt happy and went away flying in the sky.
The moral of this story is…
Where there is a will there is a way.
If anyone tries for the goal without accepting the defeat, they can achieve success.
Lion and Rat Story
Once upon a time, there lived a lion and a rat in the forest.
One day, the lion which had eaten stomachful searched for a shade tree to take rest…
The lion fell asleep and started snoring.
Meanwhile, a naughty little mouse ran towards the lion.
Looking at the lion which was sleeping and snoring lustily, the rat ran up onto his back and started jumping happily.
Then the lion woke up roaring in anger, grabbed the mouse and said…
You little rat! How dare you wake me up!
I shall kill you and eat you now!
Please forgive me, dear King! I made a mistake unknowingly.
Let me go, please!
I am very small and not enough to satisfy your hunger.
If you forgive me and let me go now, I will help you at any time.
Ha ha ha haa…
You are such a small in size! You help me?
Ha ha ha haa…
Okay, I am leaving you. Go away.
A few days later the lion which went in search of food was caught in a hunter’s snare.
Then the lion let out a roar of anger…
Save me! Save me!
The little rat which heard the lion’s roar came to know that the lion is in trouble…
Ran in the direction of the lion’s roar and found the lion trapped in the hunter’s snare.
Save me! Save me!
Wait, dear king. I will release you out of this trap in a jiffy.
It began nibbling through the ropes with his sharp little teeth quickly.
Very soon the rat saved that lion from the hunter’s snare.
Thinking that the little rat which is so small in size had saved him who was very arrogant as he is the king of the forest…
Remembering that never underestimate the capacity of another person…
From that day the lion maintained a close friendship with that rat.

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