Jackal – Bear story in Telugu | Gunta nakka Elugubanti katha

Jackal – Bear

Once upon a time, there was a jackal.
It was very cunning.
It used to live by cheating others using various smart tricks.
One day, that Jackal had developed friendship with a Bear.
Poor Bear! It was very good at heart and an innocent too.
One day, Jackal said to Bear…
Dear friend! Let us prepare a good farm and grow crops.
With that, we can live a happy life.
Bear agreed to it happily.
Then Bear said to Jackal as follows…
Okay, Mr Jackal.
How should we share the grown crop?
What the doubt you have about it?
Let us work together equally and also share the harvest yield equally.
Both have selected a nice farm, ploughed it and made ready to grow the crop.
Sowing the seeds is the next task.
Before sowing the seeds, Jackal said to Bear…
Dear friend! From the crop which we grow this time, I will take the part grown above the land…
And you take the part grown under the land.
Without saying anything, Bear said okay.
Immediately, Jackal said let us grow the maize crop…
It had sowed the maize seeds.
After a few days, they got a high crop yield.
As they discussed before…
Jackal harvested all the maize seeds grown to the crop above the land.
Only roots of the maize crop remained for Bear.
Bear do not what to do and got upset a lot.
This time, Bear went to Jackal and said…
From the first crop, you took the part grown above the land.
And I took the part grown under the land, right?
From the crop which we are going to grow now, I will take the upper part.
Jackal which has been waiting for that word felt happy inside and said…
Okay, friend. It is your wish.
Will I say no to your wish?
Then we will grow the peanut crop this time.
peanuts have a fair price.
Bear felt happy as Jackal had agreed immediately.
They sowed peanuts at the right time.
The harvest time has come.
According to the agreement made between Jackal and Bear…
Bear got leaves and stems grown above the land.
Jackal bagged all the peanuts grown under the land.
Likewise, Jackal cheated twice.
Bear had remained with nothing but hard work.
Bear came to know that Jackal had cheated playing cunning tricks and ended its friendship with Jackal permanently from then.
So never make friendship with cheaters.
Better to identify their cunning nature at first and stay away from them.
Otherwise, there is a chance of getting cheated.. just like Bear.

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