Lion and Three Fools – Chandamama kathalu – pedarasi Peddamma kathalu

Lion and Three Fools – Chandamama kathalu – pedarasi Peddamma kathalu

There lived four friends named Mitra, Varuna, Agni and Kala in Sitapuram village.
Mitra, Varuna and Agni studied all the Shastras.
With that, these three were very arrogant and proud of their intelligence.
But Kala was uneducated and do not know any Shastras.
With this, his three friends used to insult calling him a fool and idiot.
Our ancestors already said that uneducated fool and ox that cannot move are good for nothing.
So you are good for nothing…
Likewise, they used to tease him very often.
Although his friends insulted him so many times, Kala had great love and affection towards them.
Even though Kala was uneducated…
But he had great practical knowledge.
He could take the right decisions according to the situation.
Meanwhile, one day…
Mitra, Varuna and Agni thought to earn money by showcasing their talent as scholars in the capital of the kingdom.
Knowing this, Uneducated Kala asked that he too will come along with them.
But his three friends did not agree.
They said… You are not educated like us.
Then what will you do by coming with us?
There is a chance that they would underestimate us after knowing that a fool like you is our friend.
Then Kala said…
Dear friends…
You will not face any problem because of me.
If you have any problem in saying that I am your friend…
Then wherever you go, introduce me as your servant to everyone there.
I lived along with you all these days.
Now I cannot stay without you.
Likewise, he requested them.
Okay, his idea looks good.
He is uneducated but he lived with us all these days.
So at least for the sake of our friendship, we will take him along with us.
Then three friends agreed to take him.
Next day, four friends packed their luggage and started their journey.
On their way, they have to pass through a forest.
In the middle of the forest, they saw a bones.
Looking at that, Mitra said…
This looks like bones of the lion.
Let us show Kala our talent in mantra and tantra by making the lion come to life.
Saying so, he recreated the skeleton of the lion from those bones.
Then Varuna said…
Using my magic, I will recreate blood and muscles.
Saying so, he recreated blood and muscles to it.
With this, it became a lion without life.
At last, Agni said…
Both of you were able to give it just a shape.
Now I will bring it back to life.
I will do the recreation.
Saying it proudly, he got ready to spell some mantras.
Kala who was seeing all these said…
Friends, have you gone mad?
How could you bring the lion back to life?
If you do so, it will attack us immediately and kill everyone.
Keep the scholarship you learned aside and use your common sense.
With that, three friends shouted aloud at Kala.
You are teaching us! How dare you?
You are uneducated and will you give us a suggestion?
We showed pity as you are our friend and agreed to take you with us…
Will you teach us ethics?
When we are able to bring the dead lion back to life…
Then do not we know how to fight against it?
You are just a coward.
We will send you back if you give such suggestions again.
Likewise, they warned him.
As those three friends did not listen to his words…
How can they hear to me when their fate is like this?
One should experience their own fate.
Thinking so, he immediately climbed up a tree nearby him and sat on it.
Looking at their friend climbing a tree in fear, those three friends laughed at him.
Then Agni showed his superior powers by breathing life into the lion.
Without predicting the danger before it occurs…
Those three were feeling very proud of their talent in bringing the dead creature back to life and jumped in joy.
At the same time, the lion which came back to life again jumped on Mitra, Varuna and Agni all at once…
And the lion killed them.
After the lion left the place…
Thinking of his friends who lost their life over foolishness…
Kala went back to his village Sitapuram.

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