Why China become the manufacturing hub of the world

Mobile Phone Industry – China The Manufacturing Leader

In china the mobile phone industry has very high growth rate, As we know that it has some extra shares which are really affecting on the global mobile phone market. Before some years, 500 to 600 million mobile phones were made in China which profit was for over 25 percent of the global mobile industry’s production. China is the largest market in terms of mobile phone builters.

Why China become the manufacturing hub of the world

As we know that china always launches the most unique and wanted smartphone in the world:  and a phone maker can be a global sales leader without ever going  out of the chinese borders. Well according to a research the world wide market for smart phones is expected to reach around 3 billion by 2022, these numbers will only reflect the presence of smartphones in today’s world.

The chinese manufacturers are very popular among the world. They trade in their manufactured smartphones in all over the world, and it is the only company who sells good phones in less amount with good features.

The china is the main manufacturing leader in this world and it has very good and nice features in their mobile phones with very strong sets. Many mobile phone industries are affilated with these chinese companies as well as some websites like sellany mobile site, and also Apple and Samsung brand.

china mobile manufacturing

china mobile manufacturing

The brand new big smart phones are recently launched by china named as OPPO and VIVO. These two smart phones are having very nice features in it like it has the best cameras. Like if a picture, taken in a  good light, with these phones, are definately going to look like we captured it in an Iphone’s camera, because the result is amazing.

Some of the Chinese brands have already taken their rare action on Samsung. Although it is still the largest smart phone maker in all over the world, but samsung is no longer among the top five phone manufacturers in China, according to thier market research.

Unfortunately, Profits from the mobile phone business are going less on this brand now. The sales of Apple in china has been awarded in fourth quarter, but its growth is challenged by Huawei, which is really a bad news for manufacturers but also it is a good news for the consumers.

Many of these Chinese companies sell normal range of smart phones for less than 15000, compared with about 90,000 for an iPhone or new Samsung Galaxy smart phones. We meant to say, for the same price, customers can buy three or four smart phones with good cameras and screens.

china mobile manufacturing hub

china mobile manufacturing hub

These Chinese makers can keep the prices on a very low budet by decreasing the profit margin and turning them to more cheaper components, that means high profit phones can still take better pictures and have sleeker and thinner designs casings.

And you know what ?a Huawei’s camera picture, which is taken in a good light will often look like just we took a picture in an iPhone or Samsung but when it is displayed on a small phone’s screen.

Today the Online Marketplace features are more than 1 lac quality suppliers which gives a millions of good international buyers through the online websites.

When the suppliers’ all information is kept in an online source, and the buyers can find peace of mind by getting the quality products or services and they are dealing with the trustworthy companies online like sellanymobile, which i use and recommend. Like If i want to sell my mobile online, sell my iphonex, sell my laptop, sell my psp, sell my headphone beats , I will always use this site definately for the sake of my comfort. Chinese people and global customers also use it fot their business.

There are a lot of business to do in china, whether it is a mobile phone business or some thing other. These industries in china are going forward day by day. Some of the companies in china are working hard to grow thier name globally. But the name has established a lot of desired rates of mobile phones in china.

The china’s mobile phone industry is very well known in all over the world because it is also having some online sources for people living out of china, and they always sell their products globally. This is the reason why china has made its name in all over the world and it’s industry is most famous for its work. China also has a great impact of sources in online market place too. Which is not only found in china, but also all over the world.

Chinese manufacturers are having wide range of smart phone’s ideas in their minds, which is actually really a good impact on a mobile phone lover. As if a person which is going to buy a phone each year, but with these chinese features, they will buy more phones with in same year.

China is always very high in all works like if we talk about china toy manufactures, it produces the best toys in best rates and supply it to all over the world. So, not only a good smart phone is launched by china every year, but also the best toys.

China has a wide market demand globally. China has a great respect through out the world, which is really good for them to grow a good name in the world. China’s some manufacturers are having such great features in their mobile phone’s, which gives the best rates and the best products too.

Some of the smart phones in china have used very heavy technolgies in it. Which means, these phones which are launched by china can be used very well in each forms.Some online sites are affilated with these subscribers, and they give us a lot of great oppurtunities to buy their smart phone’s from anywhere in the world.

So, i recommend all of the people to go for these online websites, as they gives a lot of great features from their products. And we can get the best features in best price.

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