Points You Should Pay Attention in a Logo design

The logo is the figurehead of every company and thus one of the most important elements of corporate design. The reason for this is that the logo is displayed on a variety of means of communication such as business cards, stationery or even the company stamp. The best logo design thus also serves as a recognition value for the company.

No matter how good your products are – without a good visual appearance it is difficult to convince the customers of their own competence. The following tips should show you what to look for in the logo design and what mistakes you should avoid.

Important elements of the logo design

If you follow some important rules in the logo design, you can create an important basis to succeed with your own company.

The right name

The first important element of a logo is the name. It is important to make sure that the name fits your products. Also the choice of writing, should fit the company.

Simple structure & clear forms

In addition, a good logo has a simple structure with clear shapes and matching colors, with no false associations. Since it is easy to remember a logo designed in this way, it achieves a high recognition value. To get a better idea as to what kind of structure a logo should have, many designers prefer using online logo maker tools. The free logo design tool provide tons of features, icons and images.

Pay attention to uniqueness

In addition, it is very important that the logo design is unique! Because if the logo does not stand out from the crowd, the company is not perceived by potential customers.

Effect on various advertising materials

Since the logo is used on a variety of advertising materials, it must be ensured that it can be enlarged as desired, can also be achieved in black and white a positive effect and applied to all media.

Mistakes you should avoid when designing your logo

In search of inspiration for a matching logo, you quickly come across logos of successful companies and are easily tempted to copy them. Not only does it lose the uniqueness of your own business, but it can even lead to legal consequences if the plagiarism is noticed.

Less is more – avoid unnecessary information

Furthermore, complicating the logo with too much content should be avoided to maintain a clear structure. Excessive information can quickly overlook the relevant information and the logo’s recognition value and appearance will suffer from overcrowding.

Be careful with the color choice

Also, the color choice should be carefully considered, as a wrong color selection can negatively affect the design. In order to avoid a loss of the recognition value, it makes sense here to limit to a maximum of two colors.

You have successfully designed your logo and are now looking for suitable advertising media on which you can display your logo?

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