Story of Honest Cow in telugu | Chandamama Kathalu

Story of Honest Cow in telugu | Chandamama Kathalu

Once there was a cow in a village.
It was very calm and humble cow.
It was very calm and humble cow which lived honestly without fighting with other cows.
One day, a tiger saw the cow when it was grazing alone in the forest.
Looking that cow which was healthy and stout…
The tiger which controlled its hunger until then jumped onto the cow all at once.
When the tiger was yet to attack, the cow said as follows…
King Tiger! Wait for a while.
Listen to my words with patience and peacefully.
I have a baby at my home.
That baby was not even two months old.
It did not even learn to graze the grass.
It is an innocent.
I came here to grazing and it will be waiting for me till I return.
If you show mercy on me, I will feed my baby with milk…
I will also teach my baby good manners how to behave with other and then I will come back to you.
Then you can eat me.
Likewise, the cow requested the tiger.
Listening to that, the tiger laughed aloud.
Oh, what a cunning dialogues!
You will back to me after feeding your baby at home?
Do you think I do not have knowledge as I live in the forest?
I am not a fool.
Then the cow replied, “Do not misunderstand me.”
I speak only the truth.
I stand by my words.
One thing is true.
Anyone has to meet their death at a certain time.
I feel that my death arrived now.
Other than becoming food for you…
What else will be the help I could do to others in my lifetime.
But one thing…
Anyway, I am not afraid of death.
I lost hopes on my life when you jumped on me.
But just think of my little baby for a moment.
It might be waiting for me now.
However, it has to live life on its own from tomorrow.
I will come back after teaching my baby about the world, good and bad.
I will see my baby and feed it for the last time…
Then you can eat me and I have no objection.
Likewise, the cow said very honestly.
Oh! You are the animals living along with the people.
How can I believe your words?
Okay, I give you a chance as I agree with your sentiments.
I will see how honest the other animals living in villages like you are.
You can go now.
The cow rushed to her home.
Started feeding her hungry baby calf.
Touched its body with love and affection.
With tears in eyes, the cow said…
My dear baby! Live a proper life.
Be polite to everyone.
Be friendly with your fellows.
Stand by your words.
Do not tell lie in any situation.
Get a good name with your behaviour.
After saying such good words, the cow went to the forest with a heavy heart.
Looking at the cow coming towards it, the tiger which was waiting for the cow in the forest impatiently got suprised.
Wow! How honest this cow is…
It is coming back to become food to me as it said.
This cow which thought her promise is more important than her life is so great.
If I kill such an honest cow, definitely it will be the sin of sins which I commit.
Tiger thought it in its mind.
When the cow came closer to the tiger…
O, holy cow! How honest you are!
To keep up your promise, you came to me without caring for your life…
If I kill you, I would get sin of sins.
Forgive me as I suspected you.
I will satisfy my hunger in another way.
Go home and live with your baby happily.
The cow went home in joy and lived happily with its baby throughout its life.
You came to know the moral of the story, right…
It is honesty that wins finally over any difficulties.

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