Top 3 Google Adsense Alternatives

When it comes to making money from your website by placing advertisements, Google
AdSense is the best and the most popular advertising network available for bloggers.
Getting AdSense approval is not that tough for bloggers if you have quality content and a
minimum of 10 well-written articles, but the real problem arises when Google bans your
account due to invalid click activity.
In that case, the best solution is to start looking for Google AdSense alternatives. Here is
a detailed guide which will state the Top 3 Google AdSense alternatives for your website.
Note: The AdSense alternatives provided below may not be better than AdSense, it
completely depends on your website’s niche and the quality of your traffic, however
they might give you a higher income than AdSense. is an advertising network powered by Yahoo! and Bing, and it offers high-paying
ads. Moreover, the ad types are pretty similar to AdSense as well, and if you have a quality
website, getting a lot of traffic, especially from the UK, USA or Canada, you are likely to get approval in no time.
Just like Google AdSense, the minimum payout for publishers is $100.

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After, Infolinks comes in my list in the Top Google AdSense alternatives.
Infolinks is an in-text advertising network that has been a very profitable monetization
network for multiple publishers.
Infolinks might not be that popular as an advertising network or not that good as Google
AdSense, but is highly recommended as a Google AdSense alternative for any website.
The minimum payout threshold at Infolinks is $50 via PayPal, eCheck, ACH and Payoneer
while the bank wire transfer option has a minimum threshold of $100 ($1000 for selective
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Google Adsense alternative 2


I’m sure you might be surprised with this choice of mine. Well, I’ve gone with PopAds based
on my personal experience. PopAds is the leading pop-under ad network, which pays per click to the publisher. No
certain requirements are required to join PopAds, anybody from any country, even with the
lowest amount of traffic can join PopAds and maximize their revenue.

PopAds, unlike Google AdSense, displays only one kind of advertisement – pop-under ads.
Whenever a user comes to your website and clicks anywhere, the publisher makes
money. The best part is that the minimum payout is just $5 via PayPal.
If you have your Google AdSense suspended, and are looking for any other ad network to
maximize your revenue, sign up now for PopAds!
There are some of the best Google AdSense alternatives. It is recommended to use two or
more ad networks simultaneously to cover up your lost AdSense earnings.


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