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Tortoise – Two Cranes story

Once upon a time, there lived two cranes and one tortoise in a tank in a village.
One bad year, there was no rain and the water in the tank started decreasing day by day due to evaporation.
While two cranes were flying in the sky, they saw a fresh water lake one day.
The lake has enough water.
Cranes observed that the lake has many frogs, crabs, fishes.
Then they decided to go to the new lake.
While they were discussing this matter, the tortoise heard it.
Immediately, the tortoise went to them and said…
Dear friends, take me with you.
I cannot stay here alone.
Likewise, tortoise requested.
Cranes accepted to take tortoise with them to the new lake.
But they do not know how to take it.
The tortoise cannot fly in the sky and cannot even walk so far.
What they thought to carry it…
The tortoise cannot climb on their back.
They thought a lot and finally, they got an idea.
Cranes thought that they can carry the tortoise if it holds the stick with its mouth at the middle of the stick…
While two cranes caught the stick at the other ends with their mouth…
So that they can fly in the sky and take the tortoise to the new lake.
With that idea given by cranes, the tortoise got excited.
Two cranes advised the tortoise before flying…
You should not open your mouth at any cost.
You should hold the stick tightly with your mouth.
They warned it so.
Then the tortoise agreed.
Next day in the morning, two cranes carried the tortoise using a stick and started flying in the sky.
After sometime when they are flying in the sky, there found some children on the land.
Looking at the cranes carrying the tortoise strangely using a stick, children started shouting.
The tortoise which saw them opened its mouth to tell that matter to cranes.
Soon after it started talking it lost the grip on the stick and fell on the ground.
As the tortoise fell down from such a height, it has died.
So one must estimate the danger that occurs in future.
One must act according to the situation.
Anxiety results in sadness all the way most of the time.

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