What is URL Encoder & Decoder and Why It’s Use is Important for Developers

“A URL Represent Your Website; it’s Up to you how you manage it to cater attention of your viewers” Mike Nyman

While developing a website or web application, developers need a URL encoder and decoder tool to create the URL of each page more accurate and search oriented. A website’s URL is basically renowned as its address that every online individual has to put into the search bar to browse the site more properly. When you pass information through a URL, then you have to make it sure that it uses the specific accurate characters to open a site. The process of URL encoding will be on the rise when a website is in a development stage, and it has hundreds of pages on which encoding is required. There are various online tools available out there that can help you to Encode or decode any URL as per your expected requirements.

What is URL Encoding

URL Encoding is a comprehensive process of translating non-printable characters of a URL into an easy acceptable format which is so helpful for developers to understand. The encoding process is also known as percent-encoding because in this format available tools encode the each and every specific factor (word used in URL) that simplifies the results for IT professional or developer. It’s really an important process to conduct.

The Process of Encoding

Encoding of a URL based on the two-step process. The first step involves the conversion of a character URL encode string into the portion of smaller bites. The next step includes the conversion of each type of non-ASCII portions to “%HH,” Through this whole process, users can efficiently replace the special characters into an encoding string.

URL Decoding

Simply the Decoding is the opposite of Encoding. It involves the conversion of codes into plain text and understandable format. The decoding tools change the encoded data communication and URL files into the original default state. The decoding process delivers the originality in data, it is possible by using any free online tool. All of these tools are free of cost and you can have an easy access to it every time.
The Process of Decoding
Implementing the Decoding process for a website URL could be a complex, and hectic process. It’s a digital to analog conversion method that delivers the originality in the URL parameter. First, the developer identifies the URL it wants to decode, then it gets the favorable result by pasting the exact URL in the decoder tool. Until the favorable result, they use various other tools to accomplish expected results.
Why The Process is Essential
Encoding/Decoding is an essential process to eliminate any misunderstanding of URLs of a website. Developers can achieve the optimum level uniqueness as well as traceability through these mechanisms. The whole process also delivers the favorable results regarding the search engine optimization of a website in a fully effective way. These methods are also beneficial to drive the higher rate of return that you expected to form your website in future.

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